Global Prime Trade Pty Ltd

Global Prime Trade Pty Ltd has been associated with the automotive after market industry for many years. Our wiper blades and wiper blade refill products have been relied upon from hundreds of customers over the years. Our product reliability, service and technical advise have shown we can meet the high standard expected from our customers on a national and international level.

Global Prime Trade wiper blade refills are constructed with a strong yet flexible polycarbonate spline. For many years now manufactures of all types, not just the automotive industry, have utilised various products from polycarbonate due to its strength and durability. The Automotive industry realises the advantage of the compound to be highly UV resistant, thus enhancing the function of our wiper refills. 

We have chosen a manufacturer with over 30 years experience in the industry who has developed a unique composition of EPDM rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) for use in our high quality wiper blade refills. This Compound has been found to be superior to natural rubber compounds and therefore is unique to our products. 

The EPDM rubber has an excellent resistance to heat up to +120C continuous and a maintained flexibility with low temperatures up to - 50C continuous. It also provides a resistance to polar solvents, such as water, caustic and hydrochloric acids. This compound also has a high tensile and tear resistance with excellent abrasion properties.




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