Global Prime Trade Pty Ltd has been associated with the automotive aftermarket industry for many years. Our wiper blades have been relied upon from hundreds of customers. Our product reliability, service and technical advice have shown we can exceed the high standard expected from our customers on a national and international level.

Global Prime Trade wiper blades have been designed to meet with customer demands for a blade that is superior, cost effective and keep with styling that has changed over the years The flat blade came on the market in the year 2000 and has also been called a beam blade and European blade We have kept the R&D facility of our chosen manufacture up to date with customer requirements with great success.

We have developed the GPT Multipurpose European style blade to suit all models including a high percentage of prestige motor vehicles and the blade can be converted to left or right hand drive. It comes with a twin rail steel insert supplied with the blade and is graphite impregnated with Teflon coated wiping lip for smooth wiping. The twin rails add additional strength to ensure long lasting reliability. The blade can also convert to replace the standard wiper blade thus reducing stock requirements for our customers.

The introduction of the GPT Multi Purpose Blade has eliminated the need for carrying stock of different blades and inserts as in addition there are 13 adaptors that fit the blade which has shown to be widely accepted within the automotive industry.

All inquiries are welcome from trade customers